3 Ways To Secure Your Property

No trespassers allowed signYou have worked hard to be able to invest in a property, and the last thing you want is to have unauthorised people entering it. While it is not always possible to be physically present to look after your property, you still need to ensure it is safe and secure.

If you own a parcel of private property and find that a camp of travellers has moved onto your land, you may need to consult companies that specialize in removing travellers from private land. These companies will serve a common law notice to travellers on your private land to get them to relocate, immediately.

To keep travellers and other unauthorised people off your property, you need to take active measures and consider the proper ways to deal with trespassers.

Install a fence around your property

One great way to keep people out of your property is to install a fence around your land. Fences provide different levels of security: plant borders will prevent people from seeing the inside of your property, wood fences give your property privacy because of its height and aluminium fences allow you to see outside of your property while still maintaining your privacy. Whichever type of fence you choose, always make sure that it goes around the entire yard so it serves the purpose of keeping your land secure.

Put up signs

It is easy for people to wander around properties and not know that they are trespassing in the first place, especially when a land is not fenced in, and no “Private Property” signs are hung within the vicinity. Putting up “No Trespassing” signs around your land will let people know that they are entering private property and will serve as a warning for unwanted visitors to keep out.

These signs can also be useful for legal purposes in the event that you catch trespassers. They will be held liable for entering the land even after seeing the signs that indicate the exclusivity of the property.

Ask your neighbours

It is always good to have trusty neighbours who will be on the lookout for any unusual activity on your property when you are away, so take time to go around the neighbourhood and introduce yourself to people who live nearby. Ask about any incident of trespassing or burglary your neighbours may have experienced, so you will have an idea of the security measures they took to safeguard their properties.

These tips will help you safeguard the privacy of your property, as well as keep the peace in your community.