4 Tips On How To Get Child Custody After A Divorce

Child Custody In Colorful Letters Next To A GavelTechnically, a lawyer is not that needed for child custody cases. However, it’s not easy to get child custody without proper advice. Check out these tips and learn how best to get child custody without much problem.

Seek legal advice

Parents who want to get custody of their child should seek legal advice on how to do it right. A child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs can provide some insight on custody laws applied in the state and help the party asking for custody to win the case.

Incomplete paperwork causes delay

One of the common reasons why child custody proceedings are delayed is due to incomplete paperwork. This is another reason why a child custody attorney is essential. Parents may miss part of the paperwork, and a clerk cannot provide any legal advice except for giving instructions on how to fill out the paperwork properly.

Court appearances matter a lot

Surprisingly, a lot of parents who wish to get custody of their child make the mistake of missing court appearance. It should be obvious for parents who want to get child custody that court attendance and appearance affect how a judge sees the competency of a parent. Avoid being late and dress professionally when coming to court hearings.

The court judge has the final say

In the end, the court judge still has the last say on who will get custody of the children and not the parents. If the court judge finds the arrangement best for the child’s welfare, then they are likely to approve it. Otherwise, the court might advise the parents to devise another arrangement that will be better for the child.

Most of the time, child custody hearings are often informal. A parent is more likely to get custody if the child shows a particular closeness to one. Judges also give custody to the more fit and responsible parent who only have the best interests of their child in mind.