A Basic Overview Legal Separation in Queensland

Couple signing a documentYou may get a legal separation in Queensland if you no longer want to continue with a relationship. You could be in a marriage or de facto relationship. Legal separation means you are no longer living together as partners.

The process is the same. You will not need Townsville family lawyers unless you have properties or children together. Here are some basic facts about legal separation in Queensland.


It is simple to get a legal separation. You simply stop living together as partners. You will not have to fill out any forms or file anything with the court. You do not even have to move out of the house. You do have to inform other people about the separation, though.

You need to inform the authorities that handle social security and child services. You also have to tell family and friends. You need to make parenting arrangements if you are not living in the same house, sort out who pays what and dissolve any joint bank accounts.


You do not need your partner to agree with a legal separation. You also do not have to move out of the family home if you do not want to. However, you have to stop living as partners. You cannot have sexual relations. You cannot share meals nor do household chores as partners. You cannot go to social gatherings as a couple.

If you plan to use legal separation as a reason for divorce, you need a 12-month separation period.


You do not lose your rights over your children or property if you separate from your partner. You can reach an agreement with your partner over how to divide debts and properties as well as parenting without going to court.

Legal separation is a simple process if you have no properties or children. If you do, you will need Townsville family lawyers to help you deal with legal complex issues.