Oversights that Cut the Knot: Big Marriage Problems that Seem Small

Divorce AgreementFor some people, divorce is the result of a major disruptive event, such as infidelity, abuse, or financial problems. Smaller concerns, however, can still have a big impact on the relationship. These are problems married couples brush off without considering the consequences.

While infidelity and abuse are some of the pronounced factors leading to divorce, they are not the only culprits. A breakdown in communication between couples results in 65 percent of failed marriages. When couples fail to express themselves clearly, the misunderstanding that arises from this leads to conflict. Unresolved conflict may trigger the want for a separation.

Here are other “small problems” that could potentially lead to divorce:

There is No Date Night

A number of divorce lawyers in Suffolk County have had clients who name the lack of date nights as one of the reasons behind the separation. It may seem like a shallow reason for separation. For some couples, however, it is the last straw. Some individuals appreciate a spouse’s effort to take time off and just be with them. When a significant other fails to make time for them repeatedly, the negligence weakens the relationship.

Not Helping with the Household Chores

Did you know that dishwashing is one of the leading culprits behind broken relationships? When a spouse comes home to a pile of dirty dishes and sees their partner lounging around comfortably instead of doing them, tempers will flare. The lack of initiative to wash the dishes or other simple household chores often trigger the worst fights in marriages. If both parties fail to resolve this problem, it may sit on top of their other concerns.

“Big” problems are not the only culprits behind failed marriages. Couples who fail to address these “little” problems may end up wanting to separate from their significant other if these are left unaddressed.