Signs of Domestic Abuse

Concept of domestic violenceDomestic violence or abuse occurs when a spouse uses physical or emotional abuse and builds an environment of terror and anxiety that stops the other spouse from living her life freely. He uses fear, intimidation, shame, and guilt to control the other spouse’s every move and hurts her or their children.

There are many signs of domestic violence and abuse. Answer the questions below to identify if there is abuse in your household.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you should consider telling a trusted family member, a friend or a local domestic violence shelter. You must also consult an experienced family lawyer such as Feldman & Lee PS in Kent to help you take legal action as needed.

Has your spouse ever made threats to your life or your kid’s life?

Do you feel scared of your spouse most of the time?

Do you feel that you can’t seem to please your spouse or that everything you do is wrong in his eyes?

Does your spouse shout at you and humiliate you?

Has your spouse hurt you physically?

Does your spouse control the time you spend with family or friends whether online, over the phone, or in person?

Are your constantly tiptoeing or walking on eggshells around your spouse to avoid irritating him or making him angry?

Do you do things against your will because of your spouse’s demands?

Are your friends and family concerned about you?

Do you feel unsafe in your own home or relationship?

Do your kids fear your spouse?

Do you feel that you deserve to be treated abusively by your spouse?

Do you feel scared of what might happen if you do something about what is going on?

You will need to prepare yourself and determine the options available to you when you decide to leave your spouse. This is especially true if you have kids and would need a safe place to stay.

Get the help and support that you need for yourself and your children. It’s essential that you try to understand your situation and gather the strength to live a better life.