The Three Most Common Personal Injury Cases that Require a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury law book on a table

The main thrust of a personal injury law practice is to help clients get back on their feet following an accident. Experienced personal injury lawyers practicing in Utah can connect you to medical professionals and other experts who can help support and defend your case. You must find someone with a strong and confident voice willing to defend you in court.

What situations can an experienced and skilled attorney-at-law help you with?

Vehicular Accidents

The most obvious and common cases involved in tort law are vehicular and motorcycle accidents. In 2015 alone, there were over 6 million reported car crashes in the US. If you become involved in such an accident, you must receive adequate compensation for your injuries and damage to your property. A reckless driver must take on the responsibility of ensuring you get the best medical care possible. A good lawyer will be able to help you secure a handsome settlement to pay for your medical expenses and legal fees. Accidents involving commercial trucking franchises are somewhat more complicated. For this claim, only an excellent lawyer can help with the negotiations.

Accidents Due to Defective Goods

It is unfortunate that some manufacturers are irresponsible and put out defective or damaged products. If you unknowingly used or consumed damaged goods and got sick or sustained financial losses as a result, then you must file a product liability case against the company responsible for your accident. You are a victim, and you must have a good attorney by your side to defend your rights.

Libel and Slander

Injury to a person is not limited to physical damage. When people go out of their way to defame you and injure your reputation, you must fight back. A battle in court is the best recourse. A negative statement made about you must be proven untrue. Rarely does an average person have the skill to protect himself against libel, however. Therefore, hiring an experienced lawyer to defend your name is the best course of action.

Finding a great lawyer is not as difficult as it seems. Start by asking for referrals. Explore the wealth of legal resources in your city today.