Tips for Dads Involved in Child Custody Battles

Father hugging his sonDuring child custody cases, the actions, judgment and any statements made by the parents involved are scrutinized. The level of the parent’s involvement in a child’s life is one of the critical elements of a child custody case. Therefore, when seeking the custody of your child, you must be fully committed and show full interest in being a father.

An experienced child custody lawyer in Albuquerque shares some essential tips that will help increase your chances of winning the custody battle.

Document Your Parenting Time

In most cases, the father is normally accused of not spending sufficient time with their children. Child custody cases take a few months to resolve, and during this period, you will be required to a have a complete and accurate description of your parenting time.

Therefore, you need to document the date and time of any activities in which you were involved with your children. Failure to adequately account for your parenting time can adversely affect your custody case.

Involve yourself in extracurricular activities

You need to be fully involved in your kids’ extracurricular activities. It’s imperative to adjust your schedule in a way that you can personally witness them participating in these events. Know who your child’s couches and roommates are, in addition to knowing their team’s overall performance and game schedules. Having ample knowledge about your kid’s activities will show that you are interested in being an involved parent.

Familiarize yourself with their educational progress

The best way to know how your children are progressing education wise is by helping them do their homework. It is also essential to help them with special school projects, such as the annual science fair.

Also, getting to know their teachers will help you understand their strengths and weaknesses. Doing this and engaging the services of a child custody lawyer will not only be a persuasive factor in your case; it could also go a long way in helping your children accomplish their goals.

Gone are the days when child custody was thought to be an automatic entitlement for the mothers. Nowadays, for parents to get custodial rights of their child, they must be responsible and be fit for the parenting job. It is, therefore, imperative that you exhibit the right characteristics to convince the judge that you are competent to live with and make important decisions for your child.