When Can I Make Compensation Claims?

couple reviewing their compensation claimsWhen can I make a compensation claim?

When a person’s safety and well-being are compromised, it causes considerable effects physically and emotionally. Anyone can claim for compensation when they have experienced injuries in Australia as a result of another’s person’s negligence. Certain situations merit filing for compensation claims, such as motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries and personal injury and public liability claims.

More details on each of these incidents are illustrated below:

Motor vehicle accidents

Personal injuries refer to physical or psychological damages that are the fault of another party, whether it be a driver of another car, an individual or the owner or manager of a public space.

If you have been involved in a motor accident and another party caused it, you can claim damages from the other driver.

You can claim compensation if you fit the following factors:

•    You are either a driver or passenger injured in a motor accident

•    You are a pedestrian injured by a vehicle

•    You are a cyclist injured by an automobile

If you can make a claim, it could include compensation for a number of losses that you may incur because of your injuries. These include expenses for prescription medicines, rehabilitation, loss of income, care and assistance and pain and suffering.

Workers’ compensation

Work injuries are not just accidents that occur within the workplace. Injuries that are acquired travelling to or from work are part of this definition, as well as diseases caused by the job.

If you have been involved in injuries at work, you can file a claim for workers’ compensation from Worksafe Queensland.  This organisation can pay a percentage of claimant’s wages while they are unable to work due to the effects of your injuries.

Personal injury and public liability claims

If you encounter an accident on public or private property and the owner or manager has failed to take reasonable care for your safety, you may file for a claim.

Some examples of public liability claims are slips and falls, accidents on private property, animal attacks, recreational and sporting activities and injuries sustained from defective products.

Claims will also include compensation for medical expenses, pharmaceutical expenses, loss of income and the like.

You need to keep in mind that stringent time limits apply for filing claims. If you have incurred injuries, there are lawyers in Charters Towers or anywhere in Australia readily available to assist you for concerns on claims.