January 12, 2023


DefensePolicy.org is a non-partisan forum for news, opinions, viewpoints, blogs, commentary, analysis, and debate from America’s defense and national security community. DefensePolicy.org’s content covers a wide array of topics under the defense policy umbrella (overseas engagements, national security, personnel policy, veterans issues, procurement, military families, fiscal issues, etc.) and an even wider array of other topics from a national security perspective (foreign policy, international relations, development, etc.).

Several distinct types of communities co-exist and interact at DefensePolicy.org, including members of the military, civilian national security community members, academics, issue advocates, veterans, policy wonks, defense and national security news enthusiasts, journalists, and politicians.

As an open forum for the publication and exchange of a diverse array of ideas from independent commentators, DefensePolicy.org is not responsible for the claims and opinions of the contributors or bloggers who use the platform to publish. This website is not in the business of censoring thought, although its editors may from time to time ask for substantiation of suspect claims. Also, while reasoned criticism of public persons is well within the realm of acceptable public discourse, DefensePolicy.org is not intended as a launching pad for personal attacks against private individuals.

DefensePolicy.org Executive Editor:
Alexander Nicholson

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