April 25, 2023

Defense One: Time to Treat the VA’s Problems as DOD’s Problems

Defense One, the new all-defense site by The Atlantic Media Group, featured a new opinion piece I authored arguing that the VA’s issues and struggles should be viewed through a military readiness lens, given that Americans will factor the potential post-service experience into their decision calculus on whether or not to volunteer to serve in the armed forces. As a result, the VA’s problems are also DOD’s problems.

“By now it should be clear: The VA’s miscalculations and letdowns over the past decade are not just a VA problem; they are the Department of Defense’s problem, as well. Although the two may be administratively distinct, the fate of each is intimately tied into the other in a circle of recruitment, service and care, and the impact of what happens at each stage of that cycle on future recruitment.”

Read the entire piece over at Defense One.

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